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Medical Nutrition Therapy

De bono support for medical nutrition therapy for disease prevention and management of micronutrient deficiencies to various women church groups, including Greek Orthodox Church, Coptic Orthodox church and Catholic church in Jordan and Egypt; Jan 10 – Present.

Invited trainer and speaker. Medical Nutrition Therapy for Cancer prevention, treatment and control. A series of capacity building workshops for healthcare professionals at public healthcare institutions organized by Al-Waad Society for Cancer Advocacy and Survivorship; Jan 11 – Jun 12. 

Programme planner and trainer. “Nutrition support provision for nutrition professionals;” Jul 11.

Invited speaker. “Health implications of dietary Fibre.” Rotary club of Jordan; May 11.

Invited speaker at the Pan Arab Annual Conference for Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition. 'Medical Nutrition Therapy for Pediatric Food Allergies.' Syria; Jun 08.

Invited Trainer at the Syrian Union for Pediatrics, Gastroenterolgy and Nutrition. 'Total Parenteral Nutrition.' Syria; Jun 08.

Invited Keynote Speaker at the Annual Friends of Liver Society Fund Raising Luncheon. "Liver, Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle." Jordan; Nov 06.

Speaker. “Probiotic Therapy in Clinical Settings.” Nutrition support rounds presentation, Tufts Medical Center; Mar 05.

Speaker. “Nutritional Management of Patients with Bone Marrow Transplantation – a Case Based Approach.” Tufts Medical Center; Feb 05.

Speaker. “Nutritional Implications of Propofol Use in Critical Care Settings.” Nutrition support rounds presentation, Tufts Medical Center; Dec 04.

Speaker. “Lipid versus Lipid-free Total Parenteral Nutrition.” Nutrition support rounds presentation, Tufts Medical Center; Oct 04.

Speaker. “Nutritional Implications of Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth.” Tufts University Clinical Nutrition presentation, Boston, MA; Apr 04.

Invited speaker. “Food, Nutrition and Diabetes.” Jordan Society for Care of Diabetes World Diabetes Day presentation, Amman, Jordan; Nov 01.

Speaker. “Dietary Modifications in the Prevention and Treatment of Colon Cancer.” University of Jordan senior project symposium; Dec 98.

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