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Public Health, Nutrition and Wellness Policy

Presented - upon official request and invitation - at more than fifty public and private nurseries, schools, universities and academic institutions across Jordan and for more than 150 times since Aug 2005 to Jun 2012. Some topics included: micronutrient deficiencies; management of iron deficiency anaemia; nutrition and tobacco control; lifestyle management and disease prevention; paediatric nutrition; nutrition for pre-schoolers; what should I eat; sports nutrition; nutrition and stress management; ABC’s of a healthy and nutritious lifestyle; media trends and food consumption patterns; media effect on adolescent nutrition; eating disorders or disordered eating: where one fits; nutrition promotion in schools; nutrition emergency responsiveness; nutrition in adolescence; nutrition and hygiene; nutrition in diabetes prevention; nutrition for cancer prevention; climate change; nutrition and violent behaviour; nutrition and women health; nutrition and healthy aging; nutrition and mental health; and behaviour management and chronic disease prevention.

Doctoral Symposium Guest Lecturer. “Chronic Disease Epidemiology: Perspectives from the Middle East.” San Diego State University, USA; Mar 11.

Invited guest speaker. “Dietary Supplements in the Global Market: how they relate to public health and create a new paradigm.” Pre-Symposium at Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutritionists Dietetic Practice Group Annual meeting, USA; Mar 11.

Delegate of Jordan at the Third Global Meeting of Ministry of Health Focal Points for Injury and Violence Prevention and 10th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion in London; Sep 10.

Oral abstract presenter. "New Approaches to Challenging Food and Nutrition Trends." The International Congress of Nutrition. Thailand; Oct 09.

Oral abstract presenter. "Emerging Role of Media in Changing Nutrition Behaviour Outcomes." The International Congress of Nutrition. Thailand; Oct 09.

Invited speaker. “An Update on Global Food and Nutrition Policy.” Kansas State University, USA; Sep 09.

Invited speaker. “Effective Nutrition Counselling.” Kansas State University, USA; Sep 09.

Invited One-day workshop trainer. ‘The nuts and bolts of nutritional wellbeing;’ Jan 09.

Progamme planner and presenter. “New Approaches to Equitable Practice: Bridging the Global Divide.” Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Conference and Exposition Session, USA; Oct 08. 

Invited speaker. "Global Food and Nutrition Policy." Kansas Dietetic Association Annual Meeting, USA; Apr 08.

Invited speaker. "Global Food and Nutrition Trends." Rochester Institute of Technology Global Healthcare Conference, USA; Feb 08. 

Invited speaker. "Approaches to Effective Food and Nutrition Policy Implementation." The International Epidemiology Association Conference 'Epidemiology: Translating Research to Health Care,' Saudi Arabia; Nov 07.

Invited speaker. “Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Grassroots: What’s in it For You?” Joint Internship Class Day Presentation; Mar 05.

Invited speaker. “Nutrition and Public Policy: Getting Involved as a Student and Early in Your Career.” Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Public Policy Workshop Presentation; Mar 05.

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